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Rod Warranties

Our Warranty:

Any rod built on one of our "Custom Line" or "BR" series blanks will come with a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner.

Blank warranties:

    Most major blank manufacturers carry a manufactures guarantee. (Pacific Bay, G. Loomis, Sage, etc.) We cannot warranty these blanks. They have to be sent directly to the manufacturer. This warranty only covers the blank, not the other components or labor to put the rod together. If you purchase one of our "BR" series or "Custom line" series blanks to build your own rod, we will honor the warranty as we are the manufacturer.

Custom rod warranties:

    It is at our discretion whether the rod will be covered under warranty and may be based on the manufacturers decision to replace the blank. (The blank may have been defective (covered) or it may have broken due to your negligence (not covered)) All rods built by Southern Maine Outdoors on any major manufacturers blank will be rebuilt for the replacement cost of any non-reusable components if found defective. (The grip is a non-reusable component and sometimes the reel seat) Our warranty will coincide with the length of the manufacturers blank warranty. We will make every effort to replace any defective component at a minimal cost on any warrantee rod. If an exact replacement component is not available, an equal value alternative may be used.
    If your custom or standard rod is built on one of our "BR" series or "Custom line" series blanks, we will honor the warranty as we are the manufacturer.

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